More than just a Houston civil litigation lawyer, Charles R. Huber, Jr. also has years of experience as a family and child custody lawyer in Houston. His history of practicing family law in Houston includes representing spouses, parents and grandparents in both uncontested and contested litigation involving divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, support, enforcement of decrees and orders, modification of decrees and orders, division of community property including retirement plan division orders, marital property agreements, separation agreements, termination of parental rights and adoption, including:

  • Consultation about information concerning children and community and separate property and debts for purposes of advice about rights and responsibilities under Texas law. 
  • Preparation of agreements and agreed or contested orders about marital property, separation, divorce, paternity and matters involving children and property characterization and division.  
  • Preparation and filing of the court petition or motion, and service of notice on or preparation of a waiver to be signed by the other party.
  • Preparation of agreed or contested documents about the following:
  • Releases and other documents about the agreed exchange of health care information about the children;
  • Agreements about the restrictions on the geographic residence and travel of the children;
  • A custody, visitation and support order, including responsibility for health insurance for the children;
  • Real estate documents conveying title to or an interest in real property divided by the order;
  • Qualified retirement account division orders dividing retirement accounts;
  • Powers of attorney to transfer title to vehicles;
  • Orders dividing future rights to or interests in stock options, bonuses or other forms of deferred compensation from employment;
  • Orders dividing interests in brokerage or investments accounts; and
  • Orders imposing a future obligation to maintain paid up life insurance or to contribute to the continuing formal education of children.
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